Mayberry denizens could handle issues of today

In Donnie Johnston’s Jan. 29 column [“Mayberry maxims still ring true”], I’d like him to compare some of the characters in Mayberry using that day’s headlines in The Free Lance–Star to see how things have changed.

1. Helen (Andy’s love interest for several seasons): “Teachers protest low pay at capital rally.”

2. Andy: “Father gets 17 years for blinding son.”

3. Opie: “School board should approve new transgender policy.”

4. Aunt Bea: “Widow pushes for changes to ‘move over law’.”

5. Otis Campbell: “Moms of the dead from drugs: Where is the outrage for us?”

6. Howard Sprague: “Federal employees return to backlog of work.”

7) Ernest T. Bass: “Shots fired into Stafford apartment units.”

8) Barney Fife: “Body cameras increase workload, cost.”

I, like Donnie, watched “The Andy Griffith Show” back in the day and still do today occasionally. I believe those characters could handle the issues of today. The big difference is that they would use common sense and kindness, which seems to be something that may have only been available back in the day.

There are lessons to be learned from those old shows. Let’s hope more folks can learn from them in this new fast-paced society of today.

Tom Rankins


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