Mayor Greenlaw has improved our city

Whether you’ve lived here six months or 60 years, I hope you’ll agree that Fredericksburg is a special small Southern city. It’s even ranked now as “one of the South’s Best Small Towns.”

This isn’t a coincidence. There was a time when downtown was decrepit. Nobody shopped, much less dined there.

Scores of people have worked countless hours, invested their life’s savings and shared the vision of Fredericksburg today. A notable leader in all of this has been Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw.

During the eight years since she was first elected mayor, we have witnessed a City Council that, for the most part, cooperates to get things done. This hasn’t happened accidentally. It’s because of Mayor Greenlaw’s respect for each councilor’s views and her ability to bring people together to work for the good of our community.

If you’re new to Fredericksburg and you came here because you like what you saw in this small town, then you should vote for Mayor Greenlaw on May 19. If you’ve lived here much longer, just think about what our community was like not so many years ago and how its quality of life has improved.

Then join us in voting to re-elect Mayor Greenlaw.

Porter and Linda Blakemore


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