Mayor’s apology was a bad call

In response to Cathy Jett’s article on Fredericksburg Mayor Mary Katherine Greenlaw’s apology to protesters [“Mayor Greenlaw issues apology,” June 25] I’d like to point out another side.

June 1st was my birthday. My son and grandson came up from Richmond to surprise me although I was in quarantine. Son and I sat on the porch watching the sunset as my grandson played in his room with Legos.

Son told me they were not staying long as he was concerned about hundreds of protesters blocking the bridge on Route 1. It was the first I’d heard of it. They left and got home safely.

The next day, I learned that a car had its glass broken, with shards landing on a 1-year-old child. Thank God the family was OK. Our police did their job.

Blocking a major north/south highway, endangering a family and destroying property goes beyond peaceful protest. I am glad the police used tear gas and would support a stronger use of force.

Sorry, Mary Katherine, I usually agree with you and voted for you. This was a bad call.

Betty Ellett


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