McLaughlin used theft for his political gain

What a disappointment it was to read Spotsylvania Supervisor Tim McLaughlin’s Aug. 8 op-ed [“Where did $600K of the county tax money go?”] about the theft from Spotsylvania County Public Schools.

Instead of demonstrating a unified county leadership, he used a crime committed against the county’s staff and citizens as an opportunity to attack his perceived political opponents, including the School Board, school administrators and groups of concerned voters.

What a disappointing “blame-the-victim” politician McLaughlin has become.

I’m sure Supervisor McLaughlin knows that cybertheft, including spoofing and ransom attacks, is a major threat to our nation’s security. Whether it is a small group of hackers trying to obtain an email password (the Pentagon fights off nearly 36 million email-related attacks per day) or the efforts of nations like North Korea (which reportedly has stolen $2 billion from banks and cryptocurrencies), these thefts are taking money and protected information from not only individuals, but corporations and our duly-elected governments.

I find his decision to use a theft of public funds as a political opportunity to be immature and boorish.

I also sincerely hope that if he ever becomes a victim of cybercrime (assuming it has not happened already) that he is not treated with the same conceit with which he has chosen to publicly berate members of our community.

Mac Smith


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