Medical bills are much too high

Please stop the bleeding! After two family members had surgery at Mary Washington Hospital, I received two bills from the anesthesia people that I owe them money.

Well, we had already met our total out-of-pocket expenses, so as an employee of the hospital, I thought the whole procedure would be covered as policy dictates.

Nope! If I go have a procedure done at the hospital where my insurance dictates I need to go, then they are responsible for providing the entire care throughout. There was no clause in the benefits package that states that if you end up with an anesthesia doctor that’s contracted through the hospital, you have to pay them.

This is less than a year after they threatened to take thousands of patients to court to pay their bills. Please, stop the bleeding. My wife and a daughter have diabetes, and the other has psychiatric disorders. I can’t take much more of this!

Daniel Teets


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