area slaves with brass blocks

This idea may be of interest to the community discussion surrounding the moving of the slave auction block.

In Germany, there are Stolperstein, which are individual brass blocks in the pavement which memorialize individuals lost during the Holocaust. They note biographical data, such as their names and dates of birth or death, as well as their relevance to the spot where the individual Stolperstein is located.

I believe it would do the community some good to have similar installations around the Fredericksburg downtown in memory of slaves who were bought, sold or lived within the region. A tour route could be integrated to include the spot where the slave auction block is currently located, cso concerns from the business owners about reduced foot traffic would be alleviated.

This would also add another layer of preserving and teaching local history, which has been another argument against the block’s removal.

This would make a community concern into a community solution. This type of installation would certainly drive further national attention for Fredericksburg.

Aaron Speer


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