Milde is wrong on Medicare-for-All

A recent campaign flyer from candidate Paul Milde (paid for by the Republican Party of Virginia) bashes Medicare-For-All, which would provide everyone living here with truly affordable health care via a single-payer system.

The problem with our current multiple-payer system is that 28 million Americans have no health insurance at all. Tens of millions more cannot afford to use the insurance they have. Hundreds of thousands of hardworking American families must endure a medical bankruptcy each year because they cannot afford their health care. We all worry whether we can afford to get the care we need.

Medicare-For-All fixes that. Rather than those ever-increasing monthly premiums set by your insurance company, your health care contribution would be based largely on your income, and you could get your care (and your medications) without additional out-of-pocket costs.

Everyone is covered, and insurance company networks of providers would end, so you could see the provider you choose, rather than be restricted to one the insurance company insists on.

Why Mr. Milde and the Republican Party insist on perpetuating our current broken system is, to use the phrase on the flyer,“just plain nuts.”

Josh Cole: right on health care. Mr. Milde: just plain wrong.

Jay Brock


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