Moss Clinic continues to care for our community

One of my greatest health care experiences began 25 years ago. In March 1993, a group of 12 people convened to discuss and plan a clinic that would provide free care to low-income, uninsured people.

Dr. Lloyd F. Moss Sr. was chairman of the clinic committee. Members represented physicians, pharmacists, nurses, the health department, social services, legal services, business and Mary Washington Healthcare.

Dr. Moss was a respected, established physician in Fredericksburg. He set the work agenda for the group, describing the development of a place where people in the community could come for care.

He was the leader, coach and challenger. The plan outlined roles for volunteer physicians, nurses, and pharmacists.

Discussions included transportation, screening, cost, recruiting volunteers, and sometimes more “what if’s” than progress. If the group got sidetracked or off target, Dr. Moss would ask a few pointed questions, reiterating the present focus. His heart cared for patients and his demeanor spurred all of us to produce.

The clinic opened two nights a week in the Amy Guest Wing of Mary Washington Hospital. Nurses checked people in and assisted physicians, pharmacists dispensed medications, and administrative volunteers screened people and organized the records. The clinic’s growth is well documented.

Today, Dr. Moss’s vision remains at the heart of the clinic. Services include primary care, chronic illness, pharmacy, dental, and mental health services. Volunteers remain the stone foundation for care. Physicians, dentists, and community specialistsl all continue to provide services essential in caring for patients and continuing his vision.

I am grateful to have been a part of the clinic. Thanks to all who have helped over the years to care for our community.

Barbara A. Kane, RN


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