Mother receiving good care at Carriage Hill

My mom has been a resident of Carriage Hill Rehab for six weeks. They have been very transparent in their communications with us. We have received phone calls and emails concerning the COVID-19 outbreak and what is being done to try to prevent its spread.

Many of the staff, as well as residents, have tested positive. Because of this outbreak, I am sure they are extremely short-staffed. I am not particular about who calls me with general information, be it a janitor or the CEO.

Staff is being called upon to do things above their pay grades. We feel we are fortunate to get information as expeditiously as we do. When we have questions specific to our mom, we call and speak to a nurse.

As a retired social service employee, I am aware of cases where a loved one was placed in long-term care and not visited by family for months, sometimes years at a time. It saddens me to know how some of our precious elders are treated by their own families.

I know the staff of Carriage Hill has their best interest at heart, even when their own family may not. I honestly believe my mom would not be here today if it were not for the talented surgeons at Mary Washington Hospital and the caring staff at Carriage Hill.

We are counting down the days until she can come home, but we know she is in capable, loving hands at Carriage Hill. No one could have predicted how this pandemic would affect our lives. There is nobody whom it has not affected.

As much negativity as there is in the world, I felt it necessary to shine a light on my truth.

Debbie Larsen


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