Nation is ‘turning over’ to something different

In the wintertime, fishermen await the period called the “turning over of the water.” It is when the temperature of the bottom half of a lake reverses and equals the top half. The water “turns over.”

So it is with a country. When one half of its people know nothing of the values, sacrifices, dreams, or identity of its founders or prior generations, the country “turns over.”

Self reliance is replaced by welfare dependence (Medicaid for All). Saving and thrift is replaced by unfunded programs indebting future generations. Constitutional rights are abandoned to government oversight. The right to “life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness” is no longer inalienable.

Officials who mock people are forgiven if they are progressive. New morals? Defacing and removing symbols of the past, and taking a knee in disrespect are outward signs of a lack of knowledge of history and connections to one’s past.

If nothing is owed to our past or future, why not seek drugs and instant pleasure and abandon family responsibility? And why respect laws, police and the rights of others? Why not join others who give us validation, such as gangs and radical causes?

The tone of respect for life is set by our governor, who states that as a physician he will make a living baby who has survived an abortion comfortable. Then he, and the girl/woman whose body no longer controls the person living on its own, will decide the baby’s fate.

The water has turned. They are in control, and we are sad. The weeds of rebellion against law and order and the rights of others with wealth are choking the spirit of our country. Those of us, blessed to know our country before this age, know what is being lost.

May God bless our newly elected.

Doug Craig


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