Natural gas is a practical solution to climate change

In my experience, it’s easy for presidential hopefuls to compare their plans to the big ideas of the past—the New Deal, Kennedy’s space program.

It’s harder to implement those proposals in practice, and Jay Inslee’s energy platform is one of the most pie-in-the-sky I’ve heard in recent election cycles. [“2020 hopeful Inslee says $9T climate plan will boost economy,” May 16].

I agree that policymakers must address energy and the environment. It is imperative for our health and our future. But that doesn’t mean we need to lose all sanity.

Do we really expect the federal government to come up with $300 billion for renewable energy programs when the national debt is more than $21 trillion and when Congress cannot even agree on a bill that would fix crumbling roads and bridges?

Our leaders should be ambitious, but they also must be practical. Inslee’s ideas fit the bill for the first goal, but they have absolutely no hope of making it off the page into reality.

A more reasonable approach would incorporate clean-burning natural gas. Leaders from both parties, including former President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden, have extolled the virtues of natural gas. And Republicans love it, of course.

If Inslee is elected, he’s going to have to work with the House and Senate. A platform based on developing affordable natural gas is something the majority of the members of Congress can get behind. He should concentrate his efforts there.

Brenda Rogers

Locust Grove

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