Second Amendment guarantees all other constitutional rights

In every other situation where a gun is not used to commit an act of violence, the perpetrator is blamed rather than the object used in the commission of the crime. Blaming the tool for an act of free will by a human being is very strange logic indeed.

Guns, like knives and automobiles, can be used for good and evil—with good being by far the most prevalent use.

Unfortunately, many who rail against “gun violence” care nothing about the victims, but strive to eliminate private ownership of firearms from society for nefarious reasons. An unarmed citizen becomes a subject totally dependent on the state for protection, at the discretion of the government.

I would rather be responsible for that job myself, and a firearm is the best tool for nullifying coercion of any kind. The Second Amendment guarantees all of our other rights.

The anti-gun movement, with its redundant enhanced background checks, red flag laws and gun bans, is nothing more than a backdoor attempt to erode the Second Amendment and punish society at large for the evil acts of a few.

Evil resides in the souls of men who often advertise their intentions before they strike. And in this regard, government has failed us many times.

Bob Taubert Spotsylvania

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