Northam is a disgrace, unworthy to lead

Gov. Ralph Northam must go. He is a racist and a disgrace, unworthy to lead the decent people of Virginia. It doesn’t matter whether he donned blackface or KKK garb, though we may have our suspicions given his college nickname, “Coonman.”

Each action is equally despicable and the combined imagery sends a powerful message of racism and hatred, unacceptable for any public figure, let alone the governor.

It’s not just the donning of the blackface or KKK garb, it’s that he included this deplorable picture on his medical school yearbook page, proudly preserving this vile image and symbolism for posterity.

And it’s not just what he did in medical school. He deliberately concealed his racism, and this blatant evidence of it, from the people of Virginia during the election.

Don’t dismiss these acts as youthful indiscretion. That would be an insult to youth everywhere who know what he did was wrong. These are the hate-filled actions of a grown man who no longer deserves our respect.

As a former slave state still reeling over the hate-filled messages of the Charlottesville rally in 2017, Virginia cannot afford a governor like Northam.

Don’t expect a man without honor and decency to do the right thing by resigning. He already has resisted such calls. Contact your elected representatives and tell them that an apology is not good enough. Make your voice heard, loudly.

Robin Donato


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