Northam’s gun proposals violate Second Amendment

Gov. Ralph Northam’s new gun control legislation is unconstitutional and tyrannical. The Extreme Risk Protective Order is a violation of due process, since the owner of the firearms will have no notice that the court is actively attempting to take them away. The ban on “assault weapons” is a despicable attempt to rob the people of their rights.

Nowhere in the Second Amendment will you find an allowance for some restriction on the right to bear arms. The definition used is incredibly broad: “any firearm with a magazine that holds more than 10 rounds of ammunition,” according to the Virginian-Pilot.

This is just plain silly, since any rifle that accepts a magazine can take any proper magazine of any size, from three rounds up to 100 . The size of the magazine has no bearing on the supposed lethality of a weapon.

Quite frankly, this new push for gun control is another example of the government trying to take the power away from the people. Without the full right to bear arms, the people would be at the mercy of the government, and history shows us the government does not always have our best interests in mind.

It isn’t just crotchety old Republicans who are against gun control, and not all high-schoolers are for gun control, as most media would have you believe. I am a senior at King George High School and I despise these tyrannical attempts to take away our rights.

After all, the motto of the Commonwealth of Virginia is Sic Semper Tyrannus, “Thus Always to Tyrants.”

Kolton Dobson

King George

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