Northam should

require that masks be worn in all stores

It is disheartening that several employees at an area Aldi have contracted COVID-19 when the chain takes impressive steps to mitigate the risk. The stores have a dedicated employee to sanitize carts after each use; they ban reusable shopping bags; there’s a limit on the number of shoppers at one time; and signs abound establishing one-way aisles and encouraging social distancing.

But because Virginia’s governor, a physician no less, hasn’t made masks mandatory for shoppers, Aldi’s (and other stores’) good-faith efforts may prove far less effective than they could be.

Gov. Northam, this is not the time to depend on individuals to exercise good judgment. Follow the lead of Maryland’s governor: Require the wearing of masks or face covers in all stores and on public transit. Our lives depend upon it.

Susanne Lazanov


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