Northam should sign small business health bill

With continued growth for innovation in the health care space, it is important that small businesses and their employees have access to every available tool to foster a healthy workforce. If access to quality affordable health care coverage were made available through small employers, there could be a meaningful reduction in the number of small business employees without the comprehensive coverage they deserve.

There is currently a bill on its way to the governor’s desk to do exactly that—support our small businesses’ ability to provide their employees with health care. Senate Bill 861 allows small businesses to come together as a single large pool to spread risk, reduce costs and operate as a large group health plan in the form of benefits consortiums.

By signing this bill into law, Gov. Ralph Northam would make small employers part of his comprehensive solution to provide all Virginians measurable and sustained improvement in access to affordable health care coverage.

Susan Spears

President and CEO,

Fredericksburg Regional Chamber of Commerce

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