Nuclear fusion is only solution to global warming

Regarding the commentary by Robert L. Bradley Jr., on the editorial page of the Sept. 24 FLS [“Save the planet? Let’s save fossil fuels first”], the writer seems to have missed the fundamental fact that burning fossil fuels is the major contributor to the increase in carbon dioxide into our atmosphere, resulting in global warming.

Continuing to burn fossil fuels will eventually lead to a global warming increase of more than 2 degrees Celsius, the tipping point leading eventually to mass extinction of all life on our planet.

I hope that writers such as Mr. Bradley will soon discover that the only solution to energy production on planet Earth is nuclear fusion, the non-polluting process that our star, the sun, uses to produce light and heat.

Within 10 years, research groups, such as the MIT Plasma Science and Fusion Center, will very likely make this source of energy generally available. Fossil fuels will no longer be needed, and we will all be driving electric cars.

Augustus Cotera


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