Officials’ oath is to defend Constitution,

not Trump

It is a sad time in America’s life to have an impeachment hearing with all this testimony damaging to the president. The witnesses are not liberals or conservatives, but American patriots who have worked hard to keep us safe. They are the experts who our leaders rely upon for advice in order to make decisions for our great nation.

These dedicated men and woman have earned the respect of every American. They have all taken an oath, like the legislators who are on the committee, that they will “defend the Constitution of the United States.”

Our president acts like he would want them to have taken a different oath. He criticizes anyone who is not a Trumper and declares them incompetent or wrong. Unfortunately, some of the members of the committee are acting like they took an oath to defend Trump.

Members of Congress, you owe it to this great nation to listen to the evidence and decide. This country is more important than any single person, no matter what their station, rank or title.

Alan Mindlin


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