Officials’ past bad behavior is not relevant now

Congratulations, Donnie Johnson. You hit the bullseye in your Feb. 23 column [“Kudos to Virginia’s leaders for standing fast”]. And it takes guts to take this particular stand.

It doesn’t mean we approve of Gov. Ralph Northam’s plan to remove obstacles to late-term abortion. That is abhorrent to those of us who value life as priceless. But the way his enemies have chosen to derail his career is not relevant to the man he is today, after years of quality service to our country.

The same applies to Attorney General Mark Herring as well. As for Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax, Donnie said it well: “He has denied the charges and called for an investigation to clear his name. That’s how allegations like that should be handled, not in the court of public opinion.”

And a kangaroo court trial certainly doesn’t belong in a Republican-controlled public political arena right before the elections coming up.

Thank you, Donnie, for speaking up.

JoAnne Alexander

King George

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