Overreaction to virus is shutting down economy

Making a prediction about the coronavirus is undoubtedly a fool’s errand. But here goes: It is in the media’s interest to hype all sorts of problems. “If it bleeds, it leads” is the catchword.

It is in the interest of all politicians to exaggerate potential problems because then they can take credit for doing something for the people [i.e., pay every citizen $1,000 of our own money].

It is in the interest of businesses to cry “woe is me,” whether you are in the hotel business, the airline business, the cruise business or the auto business. At least they don’t laugh at you when you ask for $50 billion, $100 billion or $450 billion to “help our employees.”

On average, 10,000 Americans die each and every day from all causes. We have had something around 500 deaths from the virus in the last eight weeks. In that elapsed time, there were a minimum of 560,000 deaths from other causes. Yet we are completely shutting down the economy because of those 500 deaths.

Where is our common sense? Where is our perspective?

The answer is self-evident. The media, politicians and business executives, for their own interests, are causing the pain. The virus is not the problem. They are the problem.

Alfred M. King


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