Politicians are rude and hateful, not Americans

Donnie Johnston made some valid points in his Jan. 26 column [“State of the union is rude, hateful and divided”]. However, Mr. Johnston once again takes the behavior of a few politicians and paints all Americans with the same tainted brush.

He says “Trump and Pelosi reflect the attitudes of Americans today. ... If there is any goodwill in America, it is hidden under a rock.” That statement is so untrue and is completely disproved by the actions of the majority of Americans.

Look at the number of Americans who stepped up to help provide food and other aid to workers being furloughed or forced to work without pay. Listen to the interviews conducted with the unpaid American workers. They stated their dire situation while still maintaining a respectful attitude toward a rich government that was treating them with such profound disregard.

While it’s true that some of our politicians have been strikingly rude, hateful and amazingly obtuse in regard to the average American workers’ financial situation, those faults should not be arbitrarily transferred to all Americans.

Americans are good people. We do help each other, as well as those from other countries. We just need to choose our leaders with more care. They need to be vetted for a high emotional IQ.

These past weeks have proven that emotionally fragile politicians don’t mind throwing John Q. Public under the bus to get their way. More importantly, they have their fingers poised over a very big button.

JoAnne Alexander

King George

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