Put God back in our schools, government, homes

Years ago, I watched a television program that had a panel discussion on how to stop our youth from living destructive lifestyles, especially those living in the inner cities. The areas of concern were committing violent acts, rape, prostitution, suicide, burglary, and drug and alcohol abuse.

Each person on the panel represented an organization that was started to help our young people get out of such lifestyles. The first person the moderator called on was Pastor David Wilkerson. He was asked what was the success rate after completing his program. He said his success rate was 90 percent.

The next four or five representatives said their success rate was around 20 to 25 percent, so the moderator asked them how they could improve their numbers. Some of the answers were more money, stricter laws and government intervention.

It wasn’t until the end that Pastor Wilkerson was asked what made his program so successful.

He replied that they tell the youth they were created by a loving God and each life is precious and has purpose and meaning. He told them this kind of life can only be found in a loving relationship with Jesus Christ.

As a nation, let’s start implementing this program once again by putting Bibles, prayer and the Ten Commandments back in our schools, our government and in our homes and see what God will do. This program has been proven to work.

Dale Taylor


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