Ransone scorns fairness, equality and democracy

January 22 was a sad day for our great commonwealth. I was at a subcommittee hearing, chaired by Del. Margaret Ransone, which was rescheduled at short notice.

I support the Equal Rights Amendment because I believe women deserve the same constitutional protections that men have enjoyed since the founding of our country. By the time the meeting was over, I wasn’t just upset at the outcome, I was embarrassed that we are represented by a delegate who blatantly and proudly scorns our shared values of fairness, equality, freedom and democracy.

Not only did she block the House of Delegates from voting on ERA legislation, she violated procedural rules of ethical behavior by unjustly berating a member of the audience.

Apparently, if you don’t see the world the way Del. Ransone sees it, your point of view doesn’t matter. She won’t even pass the legislation on for the whole House to debate and vote on it.

She proudly touts that she is a self-made businesswoman. If that were the case, I, more than anyone else, would applaud her life’s story. But it’s simply not true. Margaret Bevans Ransone inherited her position as president of Bevans Oyster from her father.

She slips out of offices to avoid meeting constituents with a differing opinion. She changes hearing times at the last minute to hide her shameful vote against equality . She misleads the public about her privileged life story.

We expect better. Her behavior does not reflect well on the people of our district.

Francis Edwards


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