Registered dietitian nutritionists help combat obesity

The story in last Sunday’s Free Lance–Star on meeting the nursing shortage [“Schools, hospitals work to cure nurse shortage,” June 23] was a fine piece of journalism. One of the interesting points made was that one of the major contributing factors to the nursing shortage was obesity and its related health problems.

It is important to note the essential role that registered dietitian nutritionists play in combating obesity. As trained medical professionals, RDNs bring medical nutrition expertise to the serious and complicated problem of obesity. They work very closely with doctors and mental health professionals in the process.

The public needs to be aware of the important difference in what RDNs do and what nutritionists and health coaches do. The latter may assist people when it comes to diet, weight management and general health. But they are not qualified or certified to deal with medical-related issues.

It is important to know the difference and where to go to get professional care. That is where the RDN comes in.

Frank J. Jandrowitz

Locust Grove

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