Reinstate Colonial Forge’s excellent wrestling coach

Colonial Forge head wrestling coach Mark Fontana’s contract was not renewed, and it appears that his staff of talented coaches is following him out.

This is truly a bad decision by Colonial Forge’s administration.

Coach Fontana is one of the few coaches in my experience who does not focus only on his “star” athletes, but looks for the strengths in all of his student–athletes and works to develop that potential, a rarity in coaching.

Without Coach Fontana and his staff, CF’s wrestling program, which has brought more championships home to the school, is in danger of becoming irrelevant, and maybe even disbanded.

Was the 2018–19 season one of the better on record? No, but it showed tremendous potential because nearly every student–athlete on the varsity team competed at the District finals and subsequently at the Commonwealth finals tournament.

It’s not all about the win–loss record.

More importantly, it’s about developing a positive attitude, learning to lose graciously, and developing a winning mind set. Coach Fontana and his staff exemplified that kind of coaching and should be rewarded, not removed from the wrestling program.

Gregory Meese


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