Removing slave block is taking the easy way out

Regarding the FLS editorial of June 16 [“Removing the city’s slave auction block”], I believe that the city should not remove the slave auction block but rather construct a replica and place it in the Fredericksburg Area Museum with a detailed description of the use of the block and its impact on both slaves and the city’s citizens.

Placing the slave auction block in the museum is essentially placing it in a closet and forgetting its terrible purpose. The city needs to keep the auction block where it is, as it forces us all to confront the abomination of slavery.

Virginia can put Robert E. Lee on a horse in a prominent location, but wants to hide an equally important reminder of the reason for the Civil War.

The City Council’s “deliberative process” may have been deliberative, but the result was to take the easy way out so that some people would not be constantly reminded of this stain on our republic.

Bobby Anderson


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