I recently retired from the Stafford County Treasurer’s office after 47 years of service to the county I grew up in, raised my family and love. This is why I’m personally offended by Laura Rudy’s opponent, Mr. Thomassen’s, statement about the office not doing their job and that the Treasurer has become complacent. I can assure you that this is not the case.

When Laura Rudy ran for office in 2007 she promised to bring new ideas and incentives that would streamline the functions of the office. Treasurer Laura Rudy has delivered on her promises while operating with less staff and a restricted budget in one of the fastest growing localities in Virginia. One example of many is cash letter, which is the process of converting checks into an electronic deposit which makes the funds available to the county same day.

I had the honor serving with Laura Rudy for 12 years and can assure you that she is the best candidate for the Treasurer. Her main priority is and always has been providing excellent customer service to the citizens of Stafford County and ensuring everyone is treated fairly.

Please join me on Nov. 5th by voting for Laura Rudy for Treasurer.

Beth Janis

Former Chief Deputy Treasurer


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