School Board needs to speak up about theft

While the situation cannot be readily rectified, it’s necessary to inform Spotsylvania constituents of the loss of public funds and to re-instill public confidence in the ability of the School Board and their respective administration.

It’s wholly unsatisfactory for appointed officials to remain silent in the face of such a grand public disservice, whether through incompetency or negligence.

The disappointing nature of the release of information should be addressed, especially misplaced anger towards the whistleblowers and press, as it is their ethical duty to inform the public when agencies fail to do so.

This resentment must be channeled towards the felled curtain placed by the School Board. A responsible and proactive administration should not seek to sweep information under the rug, obscure or withhold it, but be forthright and open with the public about their misgivings.

Mistakes happen, errors occur, and to err is human, but transparency is vital to properly serving the public and developing a relationship built on trust. Partisanship and politicization aside, the taxpayer must not be left to ponder what happened. The nature of criminal investigations will lead to censure of the release of sensitive information, but the School Board needs to publicly acknowledge the theft of public resources and issue an apology as a springboard to rebuilding that trust.

This theft occurred because of administrative negligence. Ultimately, this is a massive failure by the superintendent to seriously approach the threat that cybercrime poses. The need for a larger allocation of internal resources for staff education is the first step in ensuring fraud of this scale doesn’t happen again.

Rabih Abuismail


Rabih Abuisamail is a candidate for the Courtland District seat on the Spotsylvania School Board.

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