Schools, parents enable kids’ technology addictions

The use of technology to babysit our youth is nothing new. Scientific evidence against allowing children to be attached to these devices all day abounds, yet we still see parents who solve the problem of a screaming child by handing them an iPad.

Technology use in education is no better. Schools begin teaching students how to use iPads as soon as fourth grade. Though the idea is not harmful in general when looking at this issue from an educational standpoint, it is enabling the addictions these children are experiencing.

Oftentimes, assignments that are given on these devices are brief, and children are allowed to play on the device afterward. Many times these students will rush through an assignment, gleaning nothing from it, in order to get longer free-time with the device.

This is a complicated issue when considering the lives of their parents. Many parents who work longer hours use these devices to put their children to sleep at the end of a long day in order to get more rest themselves. Others have to bring paper and computer work home, and in order to complete these tasks, they must use electronic devices to keep their children calm and quiet.

These choices are made with the best interests of the children in mind, of course. Parents must provide for their families by completing these tasks and working long hours. With all of this in mind, these families cannot necessarily be blamed for the extreme consequences.

Dallas Foote


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