Seminar explains MWH Medicare Advantage Plan

In response to Jeanne Madigan’s letter to the editor [“Check before changing your health plan”], I did exactly that before even attending one of the many seminars Mary Washington Healthcare is having to explain the new Medicare Advantage Plan.

Ms. Madigan stated that “since this plan is an HMO, only a minority of local doctors can see you.” I’m not sure where that information came from, but before I even attended a seminar I checked with the five doctors in Fredericksburg that I see. Each one is a member of, and is encouraging membership in, this new MWH plan.

And by joining this new plan, I will now be saving a significant amount in monthly insurance premiums.

The MWH/HMO seminars are very informative. There is no pressure to join this plan, and the instructors were more than willing to answer our many questions. Attend a seminar before making a decision or simply to learn how this plan works.

Betty Whiteaker


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