Sen. Stuart should back up his claims

Every seat in the Virginia state legislature is up for electoral challenge and The Free Lance–Star tells us to hold on tight because “this year’s state-house races promise to be more interesting than reality TV.” (Editorial, Aug. 27).

Let the games begin!

Richard Stuart, the incumbent state senator for District 28, has implied that challenger Qasim Rashid, supports Islamic terrorism. However, he failed to provide proof to support the allegation, even when twice offered the opportunity.

In this present day environment of “see something, say something,” one would expect the FBI to have an extensive dossier on such activities. Domestic terrorism is not taken lightly, and we as voters have a right to be informed of subversive acts against our nation. It would be irresponsible of the government not to share that information with the voting public.

On the other hand, if Mr. Stuart cannot back up his claims, that would amount to libel, not an uncommon tactic in politics. Until proven otherwise, let us commend at least one candidate for declaring a need to focus on the issues plaguing our district and our state rather than hurling mudpies in retaliation.

Phineas Eng


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