Senators need to do more than vote ‘present’

Sens. Tim Kaine and Mark Warner need to do much more than vote “present” on such radical proposals like the Green New Deal. A “present” vote leaves voters guessing where they stand on a bill with massive ramifications for the nation.

Simply put, Warner and Kaine should tell us whether or not they support this plan as written. As your article (“Kaine, Warner join Democrats in defeating Green New Deal with ‘present’ vote,” March 27) states, the two senators from Virginia have said they support portions of the bill.

That begs the question: Which portions do they support? Virginians have a right to know.

I also hope lawmakers in the state legislature will vote against any resolution supporting the Green New Deal. I agree with Del. Tim Hugo, who said the plan would hurt families, eviscerate businesses and “cost jobs in the commonwealth of Virginia.”

Instead of the Green New Deal, our elected officials at every level should take a more realistic approach in the quest for energy efficiency, such as natural gas, without destroying the economic health of our country and our communities.

Dustin R. Curtis


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