SOL tests should be cancelled this year

There are many concerns as our public schools are closed in response to COVID-19. State testing should not be one of them.

Cancel the SOL tests, effective immediately, and waive any graduation requirements attached to them. When our schools reopen, teachers will be working to catch up on instruction while facing the possibility that some students may have been severely impacted by COVID-19. Some of our students, teachers and staff may not return right away because of personal or family illness. Testing must not be the elephant in the classroom.

There are other ways to assess learning. Our teachers know their students.

If a senior has the credits, graduation should not be dependent on a state test score.

What about the other students who need the verified credits? Drop the requirements.

Yes, it will impact our system for several years and possibly forever, but anyone who believes this pandemic is not going to have a lasting effect is kidding himself or herself. Drastic times require drastic measures.

Student assessment is not the highest priority during a pandemic. Survival is. The longer schools are closed, the less time there is for test prep. Throwing students into a stressful testing situation without time to review and prepare is crazy. Hastily administered state tests scores will not be valid.

Funnel funds devoted to testing to other essential areas. Once schools reopen, let the teachers teach and the students learn. Allow our nation to heal.

Rebecca Murray


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