Solar farm would benefit Spotsylvania

I am a Spotsylvania County resident who supports the proposed solar farm. In addition to the opportunity to create clean energy, I believe that a solar power farm will bring local benefits for our community.

Currently, the land that sPower would like to purchase generates approximately $19,000 a year in property taxes for the county. Once it becomes a solar farm, it will generate more than $600,000 per year in taxes to the county, plus future capital investments.

Plus, the day-to-day goods and services will generate millions in additional revenue during the life of the project.

We all love having the forest right there, but I can think of other uses for this property that are so much worse for the neighborhoods surrounding the solar farm. What if someone wanted to put in a landfill? Or a rock quarry? Or even multi-family housing?

I think the tax and revenue benefits, plus none of the worries of the additional uses of the land, make this project something I definitely support.

Rita Girard


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