Opposition to solar facility is driven by fear of change

I am a resident of the Fawn Lake community and I wish to express my opinion in connection with the solar farm project that is currently being considered for Spotsylvania County .

While arguments can be made on both sides, much of the opposition stems from a fear of change and not from the facts.

sPower has made it amply possible for all to learn about the solar project by providing the relevant information a concerned citizen would need in order to understand the scope of the project and its progress, as well as possible repercussions to the immediate neighboring communities.

These include traffic and noise disturbances that are likely to occur during the construction phase. Also, areas of environmental backlash and water usage have been aptly addressed.

Moreover, the company continues to hold open houses to establish a direct liaison with community members and to engage in direct dialogue about concerns and suggestions they may have.

With our ever-growing demand for and dependence on more energy, it is imperative that we shift to the use of clean and environment-friendly producers such as solar, hydroelectric, wind and thermal power and decrease the use of the environmentally unfriendly fossil fuels.

World trends show that China, Japan, Germany, India and other countries have already opted to increase their use of solar power. It would be unwise for us not to join them .

Himanshoo Bhat Navangul


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