Special session was an affront to GOP’s constituents

My neighborhood recently spent the afternoon sheltering in place, as instructed by the Stafford County Sheriff’s Office. A shooting had occurred nearby, and one of the suspects was on the loose.

Fortunately, our courageous and efficient law enforcement teams apprehended the suspect within a few hours. We were lucky—this time. How long will it be until another gunman makes the headlines?

Advocates for gun safety filed dozens of bills in preparation for the special legislative session that opened on July 9. However, the Republicans in control of the General Assembly forced adjournment after a mere 90 minutes without considering a single proposal.

In essence, they ran away from their responsibilities to their constituents, particularly those who suffered as a result of the massacres at Virginia Tech and Virginia Beach.

Elected officials are paid with our tax dollars, and they are our employees. Representatives who refuse to work do not belong in Richmond. This affront to those who pay their salaries cannot be allowed to stand. It’s time to elect some new senators and delegates.

Elizabeth Spragins


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