Spotsylvania board should reject sPower solar facility

The Spotsylvania Planning Commission has carefully considered multiple concerns presented by educated residents of this county, including evidenced-based scientific research contradicting the oft-proclaimed “solar power is good” mindset that is attempting to push a huge, out-of-place industrial project in a residential and agricultural zone.

This project is next to residences on rolling land, threatening our aquifer, and is not in the best interest of any residents of Spotsylvania County.

The Planning Commission included several adjustments to the plan that must be met by sPower in order to proceed, then denied two of three special use permits, leaving only one small 245-acre parcel approved.

It is now time for the Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors to vote no on this project and move on.

Even with all the wise conditions now modifying the plan (no cadmium telluride panels, no burning, no well water use, etc.) this solar farm cannot be approved .

Instead, if the Board of Supervisors still wishes a smaller, more appropriate project somewhere in the county, it should start over. The plans must be completely redrawn, and be entirely different than this one.

I hope that the board has learned valuable lessons from this process, including pursuing future projects in a more transparent manner.

Residents: Don’t think things are “safe” or “good” without doing the research, both pro and con. And don’t criticize those of us who have done the research, thinking we merely don’t want this in our own backyard.

Joanne Booth


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