Spotsy supervisors blocked East Coast bike path

Spotsylvania could learn about how to attract jobs.

In addition to taxing its citizens to lure Amazon, Virginia offered to create the lifestyle its Seattle employees were used to. A pedestrian bridge from Amazon’s Arlington HQ2 to Reagan National Airport was a precondition so employees could walk to the airport without bothering with long-term parking.

You can walk or bike anywhere in Spotsylvania, it’s just dangerous to do so, like the unfortunate couple killed while trying to cross the intersection with no crosswalk at State Route 3 and I-95 some years ago, or the individual who was struck and killed on Route 606 walking for help after his car broke down.

A bike path system like Seattle’s isn’t built in a day. Over time pieces are built that eventually come together, and that planning is happening now.

The East Coast Greenway ( is creating a bike path stretching the way the Appalachian Trail does in our mountains. Except it won’t; it will stop when it hits Spotsylvania.

The Board of Supervisors hates the East Coast Greenway. Look at the county’s website for the minutes of the board’s Aug. 14, 2018, meeting: at 5:22:41, a rezoning action on the county’s Master Trail Plan is discussed.

Chairman David Ross persuades the others on a 7-0 vote to remove the bike path requirement. Supervisor Kevin Marshall agrees, saying: “I’m definitely against” sidewalks that go to nowhere.

Unfortunately, the bike path didn’t go to nowhere. We’re already there.

Gregory Ircink


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