School Board is overspending, but not on teaching

Bravo to the Stafford School Board for being rightfully ashamed after a previous article blew the kitchen kettle whistle on the school kitchen situation [“Stafford School Board to request funds to install air conditioning in school kitchens,” Sept. 27].

So bringing the kitchens into the 21st century is going to cost $1.6 million? That’s $177,777 for each kitchen, assuming one unit and venting per kitchen.

Someone needs to scrutinize all bids for fair market values and labor costs. On one hand, the School Board ignored the sweat-shop conditions, and now it’s about to approve approximately $178K to cool one kitchen?

The article also mentions $2 million to put in a division-wide voice-over- internet protocol system. What’s the labor cost for this overpriced bid, plus purchasing five new buses? I thought an article on Sept. 22 blamed bus delays on a lack of drivers, not a lack of buses [“Bus driver shortage upsets Stafford parents”].

My head is shaking. Wouldn’t it be great to get reasonable bids on these projects and use the rest of the excess funds on higher teachers’ pay and teaching materials?

Susan Weimer


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