Stafford School Board needs to take a stand

Last month, the Stafford County School Board voted to defer their decision regarding the adoption of two nondiscrimination and equal opportunity policies.

Supporting these policies should not be a part of our partisan society. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat, liberal vs. conservative issue. It is not Yankees/Red Sox, Giants/Dodgers, Redskins/Cowboys. If you like dogs, you’re allowed to like cats, too. You’re not an evil person if you like ketchup over mustard on your hot dog.

No one is forcing you to adopt a different opinion, but you must recognize that not everyone is the same.

For those who do not “agree with” or “approve of” people with lifestyles different than theirs, for whatever reason, it’s an incontrovertible fact that there are people who identify themselves as LBGTQ individuals, whether they be a student, a teacher, or any other member of the SCPS community. They must be provided with a safe environment to learn and to work.

Secondly, if you provide additional support for a person or a group of people, that does not take away support from others. It is not a situation where someone new gets a piece of the existing pie, taking pie away from others. What occurs is simply that the pie gets bigger, and everyone benefits.

And for those board members who clearly are uncomfortable adopting these two policies, let’s keep it simple.

If you are not in support of a nondiscrimination policy, does that mean that you’re all for discriminating against others?

If you’re against providing equal opportunity, that must mean that you think some people are not equal to others?

If you’re not in favor of an anti-retaliation policy, then I guess you think it’s fine to retaliate against someone for being different.


Allen Watkins Stafford

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