Stafford should take time to weigh transgender policy

This is in response to the Jan. 29 op-ed by Jessica Foster and Joshua Cole [“School Board should approve new transgender policy”]. I would caution the Stafford School Board not to be rushed into approving such a policy without serious study of all of the legal, sociological and psychological aspects.

Before overturning all of human experience prior to just a few short years ago, we need to make sure we understand all of ramifications.

This policy is purportedly to solve a problem uncovered during an active-shooter drill which left one transgender student without a locker room to use during the emergency.

The school system should come up with the common-sense solution that during life-and-death emergency situations, all students should go to the nearest available shelter, whether that is a single-sex restroom or locker room. In emergency situations, that facility no longer serves its day-to-day function, but rather acts as a life-preserving shelter.

I would request that all citizens read this new policy carefully and also look at the ongoing debates in both the scientific and legal communities about this subject, which hardly anyone knew anything about only two years ago.

Especially concerning are the ways that students can be identified as transgender without the consent of their parents, and the possible consequences for children or their teachers if they mistakenly refer to someone with the “wrong” pronoun.

Lester Gabriel


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