State required vehicle inspections protect us all

Regarding the proposal by Gov. Ralph Northam to eliminate state-required vehicle inspections, retired deputy police chief David Botkin is correct. Dropping mandatory inspections is a bad idea (“Vehicle inspections do save lives,” Jan. 3) and our governor is totally wrong.

In my younger years before I entered my military career, I was an auto technician and vehicle inspector for the State of Texas, and I found serious and often dangerous things on the cars I inspected.

Sometimes things were so severe, I had to call my Texas Department of Public Safety inspections supervisor to report a dangerous car. The highway patrol would not let the car be driven away other than towing, and once reported, the vehicle had to be made roadworthy.

Inspections may not be convenient for us as drivers, but they do keep dangerous vehicles from endangering us all. How many one-eyed cars do you see out there? There would be more if not for inspections. The governor is wrong on this issue.

Walter Usener


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