Summer swim meets should be held on Saturday mornings

First swim meet of the year: lightning, delay… thunder, delay… late-night, shortened meet, early work. Don’t get me wrong, I love summer swim. But I think it could be so much better with one simple change: Saturday morning meets. Why?

Practice: Summer swim league is recreational/developmental. Having a mid-week meet causes a lighter practice the day of the meet and normally a “fun” (if not canceled) practice the day after.

Why not practice all week? In a short season, Saturday meets would add at least a week’s worth of extra development for swimmers just learning about this great sport.

Thunderstorms: They happen occasionally in the summer evenings. They delay meets, cancel meets and make them run wicked late.

Traffic: Is there traffic around here between 2 and 6 p.m.? While Saturday morning has traffic, too, with early meets , folks could be in the pool before traffic begins in earnest.

Work: Some folks work, and they even work in places where there is traffic.

Dinner: A healthy meal before a meet is better than the cruddy food served at meets.

Pool closed less: If you start meets early Saturday, they generally end around noon when most pools are set to open, thus taking away less residential pool time.

The main reason I have heard to keep meets during the week is to support kids doing a second sport on summer weekends. I hope this is not a deciding factor. And I am sure there are other reasons.

But if the focus is the kids and learning swimming skills, I believe coaches and parents would support Saturday morning meets. Or at least we could agree to stop listening to the one parent who can hear thunder 100 miles away!

Carroll Connelley


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