Supervisors should have supported citizens, not sPower

At the recent Spotsylvania Board of Supervisors meeting, the fate of the solar plant was on full display.

It’s clear that over the past year, members of the BOS were way over their heads and likely never imagined being responsible for such an important and complex decision.

What is most appalling is the total disregard they had for their own Planning Commission’s recommendations, and then unilaterally changing the conditions underlying the special use permits to favor sPower.

The BOS apparently ignored The Free Lance–Star’s March 18 editorial [“Solar project is too big for Spotsylvania”].

Perhaps worst of all is the lack of character displayed by some supervisors, including Livington District representative Greg Benton. At one point, Mr. Benton was asking for clarification on the composition of cadmium/telluride to be used for the solar panels. He seemed confused, and then said, “Just give them (sPower) whatever percent they deem needed for their project.”

This follows a recent article where Mr. Benton said he was “just frustrated” with the entire process and how his own constituents were not seeing his perspective. Wait, isn’t that backwards?

Bending to corporate power and politics is one thing. Not having the character to truly represent your constituency is something the citizens of Livingston District will never forget.

David Dye


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