Thanks to Meyer

for years of service to Spotsylvania

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. James Meyer for his many years of selfless service to the entire educational community in Spotsylvania. Dr. Meyer earned multiple degrees and served in a variety of communities and positions in order to become a strong leader in the administration of Spotsylvania County Public Schools.

When he retired, he continued his passion for excellence by running for and being elected to the School Board. After 39 years of service to this school division prior to my recent retirement, I can attest to the respect that so many of us have for Dr. Meyer. His greatest concerns were the welfare of students and the people who were providing services for them.

I’m thankful that so many students, parents, and staff members were able to enjoy his support.

Take a bow, Dr. Meyer, because you served us well. Thank you for your service.

Kristy Pitts


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