Thankful for those who provided good care after a fall

On Dec. 8, I was at Stafford Memorial cemetery and although the ground looked smooth, I stepped in a hole and fell. I hit my head and ended up in the ER.

I just want to praise everyone I came in contact with for the excellent care they gave me. First the rescue squad, then Stafford Hospital ER, and from there I was transferred to Mary Washington’s ICU. The staff at both hospitals gave me excellent care.

Each and every person was so wonderful in caring for my needs. The food I received was very good and the person bringing it to me so helpful since I had only one hand I could use.

Everyone made a bad outcome a more pleasant experience. Special thanks to the ICU staff, the staff of the 4th floor North, and the doctors checking on me while I was in ICU.

And a special thanks to my niece, who stuck by me until my followup doctor visits.

Nancy King


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