Thanks for raising awareness about modern-day slavery

In response to the Feb. 25 article [“Modern-Day Slavery: ‘This crime does not discriminate’”] I would first like to applaud both the writer and contributors for bringing such an important issue to light. Human trafficking is an issue that impacts both local and global communities.

Raising awareness and campaigning to educate everyone on issues such as human trafficking is of major importance.

Those most at risk for becoming victims of sex trafficking are often individuals who come from a lower socioeconomic status or marginalized groups, so creating a widespread awareness of how to access resources that will help decrease a person’s risk is a potential method of decreasing the prevalence of sex trafficking around the world.

Take the Shanti Bhavan school in India, for example. By providing free education and resources to children from the poorest of families, these children are given the access and opportunity to reach their potential without resorting to high-risk jobs such as prostitution, where sex trafficking is prevalent.

Hannah Rock


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