Thanks for supporting public safety personnel

On behalf of our 911 Emergency Communications and sworn Sheriff’s Office personnel in Spotsylvania County, I extend my sincere gratitude and thanks to Supervisors Tim McLaughlin, Chris Yakabouski, Greg Benton, David Ross, Gary Skinner, Paul Trampe and Kevin Marshall.

On October 8, our Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to fund a critical public safety pay study needed to make recruitment more competitive and to increase retention of our highly dedicated fire, rescue and law enforcement personnel who work so tirelessly on behalf of Spotsylvania’s citizens.

Our supervisors are to be commended for their unanimous support of public safety and dedication to our county, and we ask our fellow citizens to join us in extending a well-deserved thank you to each and every one of them. Thank you!

Sheriff Roger L. Harris

Spotsylvania County

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