Thanks to doctors, nurses and staff members at MWH

I recently had a serious illness that required a five-day stay in Mary Washington Hospital. First off, my highest praise to the emergency room, trauma and infectious disease doctors and their staffs who saved me from losing some parts.

I also have to give great praise to the nursing staff on 5 South. They and the CNAs gave me the best care ever.

Some of the folks who never get credit are food servers and house keepers. They were very polite and respectful. Thank you for your service.

And once again, I was sent home with a Mary Washington health care nurse, Susan Crane. I mention this because on 5 South, I had some young new nurses who reminded me of Susan. You can tell they are interested in doing a good job and not just looking for a paycheck.

In this day and time, a work ethic is everything. Some members of our younger generation either were not taught that, just don’t care, or don’t have the passion for their job like Susan Crane has.

When I saw these young nurses’ desire to help me, I immediately thought of Susan because she displays that desire every day. Thank you all for all that you do.

Neal Pearce


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