There must have been more than

one Mr. Peanut

Regarding the Feb. 2 FLS editorial [“RIP, Mr. Peanut”] there must have been more than one Mr. Peanut.

Growing up in Memphis, Tenn., in the 1940s and ’50s, my mom would take my sister and me downtown on Saturdays. There was a Planters Peanut store right on Main Street. Invariably, there would be Mr. Peanut, strolling along handing out samples of Planters salted peanuts in a teaspoon.

Aah! A taste of those peanuts quickly led to, “Mom, take us to the peanut store.” Oh, the wonderful taste of those peanuts in a 10-cent bag loaded by a scoop from the bin behind the counter.

Thank you for bringing back a sweet memory.

William Derryberry

Locust Grove

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